Friday, July 31, 2009

Massage Kuala Lumpur - A Guide

Tourists visiting South East Asia know very well that Thailand's massage parlors are amongst the best in the region as its sex industry is ever resilient and thriving despite the Asian economic downturn in 1997 and the Tsunami in 2005. This is what most holidaymakers believe is the main attraction of Siam (as Thailand was called previously).
Despite Thailand's reputation as a sex paradise, not many people know that, down south, Malaysia has also a triving sex industry albeit it being largely underground. The sex industry still thrives in this predominantly Muslim country although it is against the local laws to provide any entertainment of sexual nature. The sex industry here does well large due to the high demand from locals and tourists alike.
Whilst in Thailand, the masseuse are large Thai women, in Malaysia, partly due to globalisation and the relatively strong local currency, many women from China and poorer neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam work in massage parlors as masseuses or just prostitutes.
In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia one can find practically hundreds if not thousands of massage parlors. As massage parlors has attracted negative publicity amongst Malaysians and in attempt to bring the business upmarket, savvy businessmen have re branded massage parlors which are now simply called Spas, body workshops, health farms, health centres, reflexology centers and many new combinations of these.
With the new names for massage parlors come a variety of new services. Today it is usual for massage parlors to offer steam and hot baths, manicure and pedicure, reflexology and also erotic massage for men.
Erotic massage in Malaysia is not merely a body massage and sexual intercourse with the masseuse, rather, it is a special technique of massaging the customer's genitals. In Kuala Lumpr, the locals call it Batin massage, which means, penis massage. This is apparently a specially acquired massage technique to enhance the libido and virility of men.
In Kuala Lumpur, a Batin massage cost approximately US$20 for the standard half hour, excluding the body massage and sexual intercourse, if any. The total service is approximately US$75 for a hour and a half. To the locals, the total service is commonly called "the package" and incidentally the masseuse are referred to as "package girls" or simply "massage girls".
Although, many tourist have been to Bangkok, many tourist confesses that Massage in Kuala Lumpur is inherently different in its service. They claim it is more personal and satisfying.
In Kuala Lumpur, some hotels have health centres which offer the package. Many massage parlors which offer the Batin massage are located in places like Subang, Cheras, Pandan Indah, Puchong, Ampang, Cheras, Kepong, Damansara Perdana and Jinjang. These are in the subburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Just walk along any commercial area in these places and one will notice tacky signboards which read "Chinadoll Massage Kuala Lumpur", "Overseas Lady Massage Kuala Lumpur" or anything in this genre.
If walking around is not one's cup of tea, then, then just flip any commercial directory available at most hotels and motels in Kuala Lumpur and look under Massage Kuala Lumpur and there will be a host of suggested establishments for one's selection.
At these massage centres, Spas, health centres or whatever they are called, massage girls are selected by the customer as they parade through the room or through a glass partition to the waiting room. The usual routine is, upon being selected, the massage girl leads the customer to the massage room and gives him a bath or a shower prior to the massage.
While there are reports in the local daily, the New Straits Times, by medical experts confirming that Batin massage do not improve men's virility, and in some cases, can be dangerous if done incorrectly, men, local and foreign alike, prefer to ignore this warning.
Nevertheless, whatever one choose to believe about Batin massage, it is always wise when visiting massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur to be cautious. Confirm with the management of the establishment what kinds of services are provided, at what price and for how long. Do this to avoid any misunderstanding upon settling the bill after the massage. Beware that some massage girls also prey on unwary tourists by asking for additional service charges or tips after the massage, although the whole package service is nett priced.

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