Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beach Hotels in Patong - No developers here!

Letters from my AuntAfter reading a letter from my Aunt recently, I was struck by the fact that Australia is largely divided into three ways its people think. Some are dead against change, some are for it and think of change in terms of financial greed, and others just don’t care. Quoting an excerpt from her letter, “I think I mentioned before, the vast reserves of shale oil had been located in the sea just south of Proserpine, (sounds like Shute Harbour). An American firm has now done a feasibility study and is prepared to spend 14 billion dollars to extract the stuff. The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh turned them down or at least she put a 20 years moratorium on operations. Big business and the media are aghast, farmers and tourist operators are relieved, everybody else indifferent. Jackie, would you know the area? It is just so incredibly beautiful and everything connected with the extraction of oil so incredibly ugly. The American company is going to appeal (to whom or what?) against the Premiers decision.”My Aunt is right of course, selling land off at a discount, destroying the irreplaceable beauty of the surrounding areas that include beach resorts, coral seas. All, just to make a few bucks now. Pushy developers, greedy town councils all lie in wait like vultures, don’t be fooled by their fa├žade of kindness, generosity, and charisma. They won’t remember you after they are done.
So, what about the beaches?On the other hand, if it’s done properly and democratically, I can’t see any problem with a development plan that would not only be beneficial to the local population increasing wealth and prosperity, but also helps to maintain and protect the area from other unscrupulous industries. I am, of course, talking about tourism development, not oil or mining. With tourism, nature is preserved, jobs are created, towns, schools and infrastructure is built. Take Patong in Phuket, Thailand for example. The natural scenery of palm fringed white and golden beaches that stretch for miles, nestled amongst the mountains of Phuket all combine to create a setting of sheer beauty. Developers have been here for years. The hotels of all classes, discount and all, are designed to correctly blend into the area’s natural visage. And over the years, thousands of tourists have flocked to these shores, because their money is wisely spent, the beauty of the area still remains intact. Patong Discount HotelsThe hotels and resorts have much to offer, discount hotels are also available for those who would prefer to enjoy a slightly more down-to-earth type vacation. Discounts can be found at the other end of the scale too! You can find resorts like the Horizon Patong Beach Resort and Spa, combining the very best of Thailand and the very best of Phuket. The resort is located across from the gorgeous Patong west-coast beach, and nestled quietly in the havens of a lush botanical garden, an idyllic setting of peace and tranquillity but not too far from the center of Patong. Patong’s shopping and entertainment districts are just a short drive or a stroll away, and besides the nightlife and shopping, other activities such as all marine sports, golf, tennis and even bungy jumping are available. No developers here!

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