Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it safe to get an online bank account?

For most people interested in getting an online bank account, the biggest drawback is safety. Since people often feel safe banking at a physical location, it can often be hard to switch over to an online account; however, online bank accounts are just as safe as bank accounts at physical banking locations.
What makes online bank accounts safe?
Most online banks put a lot of effort into ensuring customers’ account are safe and protected against any threats, online or offline.
One of the most important safety features available on an online bank account is password protection. Password protection is common amongst all online bank accounts and provides a layer of security to ensure that only you can gain access to your account. Passwords are usually created by you and sometimes other information about you or your account is need in addition to the password to ensure authenticity of the user.
Most online banks have even gone one step further than password protection and included security questions in addition to password protection. Security questions can be as simple as answering a private question that is hard for someone to easily find out about you. This is different than password protection because passwords and account information may be compromised online or offline, but the security question provides a more personal security step that helps ensure the owner of the account is the one accessing it.
While most people feel uncomfortable sharing personal and private information online, online bank accounts are set up to protect the security of your information as much as possible. One thing online banks do to ensure the privacy of information you share through your online bank account is encrypting your information. Encryption is simply a way to scramble you’re the information you share online into a special code that can only be unscrambled by your online bank account. This helps prevent anyone from stealing your information it across the internet when communication with your online bank account.

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