Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Law of Attraction and Love - How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Love

Other than the subject of money, love and relationships are among the things that people want to improve most about their lives. Without having the feeling of being loved, then you really cannot experience life to it's fullest experience. The law of attraction may often be presented most as a way to attract money, but there is much more than just financial gains that you can achieve with the law of attraction.
How can you use the law of attraction to attract love ;
1. Be specific about what you really want to attract See, many people wind up attracting an unhealthy kind of relationship or love into their lives. This is probably not what you want to manifest. So, be specific about wanting a healthy and enjoyable relationship.
2. Focus on the love that you already have. I don't care if you think that all you have is the love of your cat or dog. Just focus on feeling loved and let that feeling resonate with you. This is how you get into the state of being where you are able to attract what you want.
3. Identify and then eliminate your beliefs that are holding you back. One of the most common thoughts that MOST people have about love is that it is meant to be painful. And this does not have to be true. Some people experience love without all of the pain and the hurt. So can you.
These three steps will help you to be able to use the law of attraction to attract love into your life. However, there is more that you should know.

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