Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ukraine Women and Brides

Many men from Western world nowadays turned their attention to women from Eastern Europe,seeking that special preserved conservative touch, feminity, family orientation, sincere relations and love which they lack with Western women. Ukraine has obviously become one of the most popular destinations as it is currently visa-free for travelers from Europe, USA and Canada, unlike Russia, Belarus, Moldova which require visa to be obtained for the entry. Easy travel to Ukraine and great chance to meet Ukrainian women are main reasons for choosing Ukraine. And now the main question arises - could Ukrainian brides be that solution for dream marriage, can you actually find a life partner in a face of a Ukrainian woman? Here I shall emphasize all positive and negative sides of considering looking for Ukraine bride, also provide with some useful advises on this matter.1. Majority of Women in Ukraine are naturally beautiful, like to be dressed nicely and watch for themselves. Appearance is very important to them, to look nicely means a lot for any Ukrainian woman. That is mostly main factor the men are looking for, they want their woman to be feminine and looking good.But never be fooled by the looks. To dress nicely doesn't mean wearing short skirts with barely no clothes so other men stick their tongues out when seeing her. Women dressing provoking, having appearance like they sell themself is by no means normal in Ukraine. Most likey she is looking for fun and in generally not serious for relations. 2. Looking for younger woman? This is the hard question. Women in Ukraine do not usually accept age difference of more than 15 years, unlike the common opinion that Ukrainian woman does not care about the age difference, as long as the man is kind, honest, etc. In most cases when age difference between man and woman is 15+ years, it is not going to work in long perspective. If you are 50 and looking for 20 year old girl, better go to Thailand. Most modern Ukraine women get serious about relations and marriage only after they get 30 years old. According to statistics, international marriages with women younger than 25 happen very rarely. Again according to the same
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statistics, most marriages occur when foreign man is in his 40's and Ukrainian bride is in her 30's. 3. Cultural difference is a big issue. The thing that might seem normal for a guy who was brought up in Western world could be totally not acceptable for the lady. There are many books on traditions, customs, behaviour of Ukrainian and Russian people. Do not hesitate to read one to see if that is what you are lookig for. 4. The thing that you can be almost sure is that lady from Ukraine would put the children and family on the first place in her priority list. Many of them are good mothers and wives, taking great care about the children and family. Please be advised that Ukrainian women have very strong bonds with their children. Always keep in mind that Way to her heart goes through her child.5. Most Ukrainian women are no longer desperate about moving abroad, do not underestimate Ukraine where the life level is reasonably good in most places. Do not even think that you are a foreigner and she would take it as something very special. You have to be at your best and act accordingly to conquer her heart! Concluded hints for men to succeed in finding woman partner from Ukraine. Be reasonable choosing her - do not go for model looks and very young age, study the basics of Slavic culture for better understanding, treat her family, relatives well and especially her children. Being patient and gentleman of course helps a lot too.

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