Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beauty Tips for Boys

A lot of boys are bashful when it comes to beauty, often because they'd prefer to be rugged, masculine or handsome, anything but beautiful!
Thankfully with a wealth of new men's health and personal care products on the market looking your very best is easier than ever before. Take care of yourself properly and - cliché though it may be - your natural beauty will be shining through in no time!
Looking After Your SkinThe teenage years are a traumatic time for your skin. Hormonal changes, excess oil production, sweat and air and water pollution all contribute to spots. A lot of times these breakouts aren't restricted to your face, but can even pop up on your shoulders, back and bum! Fight back by using face and body wash, and investigate the wide range of male skincare products in your local chemist's shop. Be sure to pick up:
A good all over cleanser, such as soap or body wash.
Moisturizer for dry skin.
Facial exfoliator (grainy scrub) to help remove dead skin cells, which you should use a few times per week.
Face wash for your skin type: dry/sensitive, normal, oily or combination.
Toner to improve your skin tone and tighten pores.
Facial moisturizer to leave your face feeling silky smooth.
A rich shaving gel to help your razor glide over your skin.
A razor with an aloe and/or vitamin strip to discourage nasty razor burn.
The contact information of a recommended dermatologist if you feel that your skin needs professional attention.
Looking After Your TeethGood oral hygiene is sometimes a forgotten beauty secret, but nothing could be less attractive than dirty, stained teeth, puffy gums and bad breath. Make sure that you rise above this disgusting state by:

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Finding a toothbrush shaped to fit your mouth.
Toothpaste in a flavour you like.
Antiseptic and anti-plaque mouthwash.
Dental floss to pass between your teeth and dislodge debris.
Using all three of these products in combination after every meal.
Visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning.
Looking After Your HairAlmost as nasty as poor oral hygiene is lank, greasy hair. Visit a barber or hairstyle to ask for the right haircut for your face shape, not what is simply trendy or cheap. When you get home, keep this hair heaven with:
A shampoo for your hair type - thin, thick, coloured, dry, oily or normal.
Daily shampooing to clean your hair.
Conditioner to leave your hair shiny, healthy and smooth.
A comb to help navigate your tangles.
Gel or another styling product to help hold your preferred style.
Looking After the RestThere's so much more to looking fantastic, but so little time! Carve out a few extra minutes to:
Apply deodorant and/or antiperspirant liberally each morning.
Pluck any stray hairs between your eyebrows.
Trim any nose or ear hairs that you can see.
Use sunscreen every day, even if it is cloudy or rainy outside.
Buy a small lip balm to treat chapped lips.
Splurge on cologne for an extra boost.Looking good shouldn't be hard work. As soon as you get into a daily routine of looking after your skin, teeth and hair you should start to see results. But, even if you morph into a male model overnight, remember that beauty is only skin deep. Strive to look your best, be yourself and have fun!

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